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Printable Fraction Chart

Using this free printable fraction chart will help to give your student a visual of the different fraction breakdowns, and how they compare to one another. This download is entirely free for your personal use, and I hope will be a great help to your student as they learn their basic math facts.

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In my day, we used circles, that were divided like slices of a pie, known as fraction circles, to understand how the fractions made up a whole, and what they represented. This is still a greatly effective tool, and one that I like to use because, after all, it does refer to a pie that is delicious to eat! 

These fraction strips also make an effective tool to teach and help your student learn their fractions. Rather than using a pie shape and dividing it for fractions, you can use this fractions trip, and be able to compare different fractions to each other and see how they make up a whole number. 

In addition, you can use a fraction pie, as well as these fraction strips, to help your students have visuals of each fraction, as they try to solve their math problems. It also helps them see things slightly differently, which will ultimately help them to understand and comprehend these math facts. Some students learn differently than others, which is why it’s great to mix things up a little bit and have different tools that will help to teach your child about math, specifically fractions.

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Printable Fraction Strips

Fraction bars are made up of individual fractions, which create a whole number. Usually, a fraction bar, including this one, starts off with a whole number and then goes into different fractions that also make up the whole number, with each bar still representing a whole.

In this way, fraction bars allow students to easily see equivalent fractions that also equal a whole number when they are added all together. Using a fraction bar is a great way to help your student understand what different number of parts, are equivalent to making up parts of a whole number.

This fraction chart also helps to give your student a visual, so that when unequal parts are added together, they can see that it ends up being more or less than one whole part. This happens when fractions on different lines are added together because one line or strip is equal to one whole number. 

This fraction chart is a great addition to your common core math and is one of the essential tools that can help your child learn their math facts with this visual aid. By combining these fraction strips with fraction pie charts, your student will be able to start understanding what exactly fractions are and the values they represent. 

Typically, the grade levels that will most likely use these flash cards are between 3rd grade and 4th grade. Occasionally this will vary, and may even include 2nd grade, depending on your child’s school or school curriculum. My hope is that this visual representation of fractions will help your student have academic success!

These printable fraction charts are the perfect tool to help your student with fraction comparison, so that they can see how many fractions must be added together to make up a whole, or what fraction strips equal the equivalent size, in the whole row. This is a great visual, the air child can use for hands-on learning.

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How to Use the Fraction Chart

Let’s take a look at how to actually use the fraction chart. First, you will want to enter your email address into the box below. Then after you have downloaded and printed out the chart, it can be used to help your student with their math lessons. 

The chart begins, with the first strip equaling one whole number, or the number one. From there the second line is broken down into two portions, and represented by the fraction ½, in each part. This allows your student to see that two halves added together make up a whole number.

The chart goes on, with the third line being 3, 1/3 fractions. This stripe is represented by three boxes, each containing a fraction of 1/3, therefore this allows your student to see that three, 1/3 fractions added together, equals 3/3, or one whole number.

The fractions continue to the bottom of the page in this same manner. By continuing to decrease in size, so that there are more parts needed to make up one whole number. 

You can also use these fraction stripes, to add together, and help your student learn how to work with both the numerator and the denominator so that when they are added together, they equal improper fractions or whole numbers.

Improper Fractions

A quick snippet on what an improper fraction is. An improper fraction is when the fraction is not reduced to its lowest terms. For example, if you come up with a fraction 3/2, the fraction is improper, and should really be reduced to 1 ½.

Decimal Equivalents

To help your students, to learn their math facts, I have also included some decimal equivalents to the fraction shown in the fraction chart. This will help your student to better understand the math concept of converting fractions and decimals. 

fractions and decimals

Printable Fraction Chart

These free printables are available to you in a PDF format which can be read on any device. All you have to do is enter your email address into the box below, then your free copy will be sent directly to your inbox. 

Save your free instant download to your device and print it out as many times as you wish. My hope is that this printable fraction chart will be a help to your young student as they learn their math facts.

Terms of Use

Please note that this PDF download was created for your personal use only and is not intended for commercial distribution under any circumstances. 

Fraction Number Line

The weather here looking for this fraction chart do you help your student perfect their fraction knowledge during the school year, or for a way to brush up on their math facts during the summer, this free printable fraction chart is a great kill to help your student understand their fractions.

I hope that you will take advantage of this free printable fraction chart, and I hope that it will be of great help to your student as they begin to learn and understand their fractions, as well as convert fractions into decimals. I am a bit of a math nerd, and I love to help others learn about math as well!

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