Free Printable Easter Bingo Game Cards for Kids and Adults

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Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards

These free printable bingo cards are the perfect game to play this Easter. The Easter-themed bingo cards are available to you in an entirely free printable, that you can have access to in our instant download. 

printable free printable printable easter bingo cards

Our free printable Easter bingo cards are the perfect game to play this holiday season at your Easter get-together, in Sunday school, or in the classroom to celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday. This game is so much fun, you don’t want to miss out!

Easter Bingo Game

I am so excited to share our free printable Easter bingo game with you. It is available as a free PDF file that you can enjoy as an instant download. These bingo cards are a great alternative option to traditional activities of color easter eggs, and your traditional easter egg hunt. Now, you can not only enjoy the traditional easter activities but also our adapted classic bingo game, as a fun easter game. 

At least with our free printable easter bingo cards, you get to have fun playing the game no matter what the weather is outside. Plus, the easter bingo game is a fun way for kids of all ages to have a fun easter themed activity they can enjoy. 

When to Play Easter Bingo

There are several great opportunities to play our easter themed bingo game. Our free printable is available as an instant download, so you don’t have to worry about shipping time. All you have to do is download the file, print it out, and cut out a few pieces in order to be ready to play. 

Some great times to enjoy playing our easter bingo game include the following times, as we near the Easter holiday. 

At Sunday School

If you teach a Sunday school class and are looking for a fun easter activity, then look no further! This fun and free easter printable bingo game is the perfect way to celebrate the season this spring. The printable easter bingo cards are an easy way to ensure your whole class has a fun time.

free printable easter bingo game

During Easter Celebrations

Another fun time to use these free printable easter bingo cards is to pull them out at your easter get-togethers. We often gather together with family and friends to enjoy celebrating the easter holiday. This is the perfect time to enjoy playing your printable easter bingo game! 

At Family Game Night

Using your free printable bingo cards during the family game night is another fun way to enjoy using the cards. The great thing about our printable easter bingo cards is that there is no age limit on who can play. This makes it the perfect game to play with your whole family.

Easter Class Party

Another fun way to enjoy the easter fun with printable bingo cards is to use the free printable easter bingo game at your class party. No matter what your religious stance is, the printable Easter bingo cards make for a fun game to enjoy at your class party.

What this Download Includes:

When you take advantage of this instant download of printable Easter bingo cards, you get to enjoy the entire bingo kit all in one free download. Let’s look at what specifically is included in this free printable download.

Our printable Easter bingo cards are made using the classic bingo game template. Included with the Easter-themed bingo cards, you will find each of the following items.

30 Different Bingo Cards

Included in our free printable Easter bingo cards, you will find 30 unique cards. This means that you can easily play this game with 30 players at a time.

Calling Cards

Also included in the free download, are Colleen cards. These are the cards that the individual selected to be a color will read out. As the calling card is called out, if a player has that space, they will mark it off.

Bingo Chips

The other item included in the free Easter bingo game, is the bingo chips. Traditionally, this is what is used to mark off each square that has been called out on your bingo card. However, there are other fun options that you might enjoy using as your bingo chips rather than the printed version if you prefer.

easter bingo calling cards

FREE Printable Easter Bingo Game Cards

Now that you know the details of what is included in this free printable, let’s look at the different supplies he will need in order to play the Easter bingo game, as well as some other bingo chip options. Then we will look at the step-by-step instructions on how to play this Easter bingo version of your classic bingo game.

Supplies Needed to Play Easter Bingo

  • Paper (cardstock or white printer paper will work well)
  • Scissors
  • A printer (or send them to your local print shop to be printed)

Bingo Marker Options

In addition to using the printed version of the bingo chips, these are the items used to mark off the spaces that each player has as it’s called out. There are some other fun options that you might rather use, in place of the traditional chips. Let’s look at some of the fun options: 

  • Jelly beans 
  • Easter candy
  • Plastic eggs
  • Other small candies

When you use another type of bingo marker, it helps to keep the kid’s attention and makes the rewards so much greater when the game is finished. Using jellybeans, or Easter candy is a fun and simple alternative to the traditional printed bingo chips.

How to Play Easter Bingo

Prepare the Bingo Game

Before you begin playing, you must first prepare the bingo game. To do this you will need to receive your free Easter bingo cards. To do this you will want to enter your email address into the space below, then check your email inbox for an email from me. 

Attached to that email will be a PDF file. You will want to save that PDF file to your device, then print it out on white printer paper or white card stock.

The bingo cards are ready to go, but you will want to cut out each of the calling cards, as well as the bingo chips if you choose to use them.

easter bingo chips

The Game Set Up

When you are ready to play, make sure that each player has an Easter bingo card, chips, or your alternative bingo marker. 

You will want to determine who the person is, that is going to read off the calling cards. Give the calling cards to this person, and make sure to shuffle them a bit. 

Make sure to explain the free space to the players. Essentially, this is a place that they can mark off before they even begin. It helps to count as getting five spaces in a row.

To Play Easter Bingo

Now that you are set up, it is time to play the game! The caller will read off a calling card. The players who have that space on their bingo card will mark it off with a chip. Continue this process until the first person wins. 

How to Win Bingo

The goal of the game is to get five spaces marked off in a row. The first person to achieve this goal wins that round of the game! 

Fun Bingo Prizes: 

If you want to play Easter bingo with prizes, there are a lot of fun prize ideas. You can choose from a variety of easter candy, easter eggs, or even easter baskets if you want. It is entirely up to you how extravagant you want to get with your Easter bingo prizes. 

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    Now that you know how to play easter bingo, it’s time to get your free printable Easter bingo cards! To do this, you will simply enter your email address into the box below. Then check your email inbox, for a message from me. Attached to that email will be a PDF file that you can save to your device and print as many times as you wish. 

    Please note, that this free printable easter bingo game is intended for your personal use only and should not be used for commercial distribution under any circumstances, per our copyright. 

    printable easter bingo cards

    Free Printable Easter Bingo Game

    Using our free printable bingo cards is a fun easter activity that you can enjoy playing with kids of all ages. This is such a fun activity to enjoy this Easter, and it is different from your traditional activities. It is my hope that you will take advantage of our free printable Easter bingo cards and enjoy playing the game. 

    Thank you so much for stopping by! Make sure to get your copy of our free printable easter bingo cards today! 

    Happy Easter! 

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