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Graduation Invitations Free Printable

To help make your graduation preparation so much easier, and decrease your party planning stress, I am excited to share these free printable graduation invitations with you in the free printable download. 

free graduation invitations instant download

The free graduation invitations are available in several different versions that you can choose from. Then download them and edit them with your specific details. 

Graduation Party Invitations

These free graduation announcement templates are the perfect free resource to help you prepare for your high school senior’s graduation open house. Sometimes getting ready for a big party, like a graduation party, can be stressful. To help you cross one more thing off of your party to-do lists, these free printables are a great time-saving option, and still help your graduate celebrate their big day without the hassle. 

To help lessen the stress, here is a free graduation invitation template which is available in several different varieties that you can edit after downloading with your personal details. You can then print out the invitations or email the party invitations as you prefer. These pre-designed formats have a lot of different options to choose from, and you get to enjoy these free templates in the design option you prefer.

Different Types of Printable Templates

This printable file is available in several different design options for you to choose from. The different options include a plain basic invitation, one with confetti decorations, and a gold confetti graduation invitation template. The other options are a pretty flowered design, fireworks in the background, and finally another option, of graduates with graduation caps in the background.

Digital Invitations

Another way you can enjoy using these graduation invitations after they are edited is to send them out as digital invitations. This is a simple way to make sure they are sent to everyone on your list, at a low cost, and without any hassle of printing them out.

fillable graduation announcement

Editable Free Graduation Invitation Template

This free editable design templates for the printable graduation invitation template is completely editable, meaning that I have created them with editable text so that you can add your details to the invitation after downloading it. This way you can not worry about having to design the invitation yourself, all you have to do is fill it in with your graduation party details. 

There are several different design options to choose from in this free download. Once you receive the free graduation party invitations, you can edit them with your details, just as you want. 

Let’s look at exactly how this will work for you. Here are the details for the free printable graduation invitations.

Customizing Your Invitation is Easy

There are just a few steps to follow when customizing these free editable invitations high school graduation invitation templates. The great thing is that you don’t need any special programs to use and edit these graduation templates, all you need is to be able to open a PDF file. Here are a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get your free PDF file download

The first step is to get your copy of the free Graduation Invitations Template. To do this, you will want to enter your email address into the box below, and then check your email inbox for an email from me. 

Step 2: Save the Graduation Invitation Template to your device

After you receive the pdf file in your email inbox, it is a good idea to save the file to your device so that you can find it later. 

graduation open house template

Step 3: Edit the PDF File with your details

Once you have saved the pdf file to your device, you can open it, and take a look at the different design options. Then type into the pre-filled boxes with your own text of party details. 

The different fields you can fill in include the graduation year of the graduate, the graduate’s name, party date, and location details. Then when you have all of the invitation details filled in you can save the pdf file and print it out, or send it through email as you prefer.

Step 4: Print your Invitation Template as you want

After you have edited your party invitations you can choose how you want to print them out, or you can send them out via email if you want. When it comes to printing these graduation party invitations, you will want to save the specific template you wish to use. 

Then you may choose to print them yourself on cardstock paper. Or you can send them out to a print shop or print them through an online printer source. 

Some online printer sources will include envelopes with the invitations when you get them printed through different sources. You can also get the invitations printed and pick them up at your local print shop or office supply store. These are usually good options because they will provide a good quality print, for a reasonable price. 

customizable graduation invitations

Free Graduation Invitation Template, Printable, Digital, Download

Ready to get started? Get your instant download graduation invitations below by adding your email address in the box below. Then check your inbox, for an email with the graduation invitation template attached. 

Please keep in mind that these free printable files are made for your personal use only, and are not licensed for commercial distribution. These instant downloads are available in digital formats, as a PDF file. This way it is readable and able to be filled with your details on any device. The cards are also made as 5×7-inch cards.

Graduation Party Invitations

It is my hope that you enjoy these free printable graduation invitations that are easily customizable so that you can use them for your upcoming event. These graduation invitations are an easy hassle-free solution for your graduation party. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you will enjoy these free printable resources. 

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