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Free Printable Duck Duck Jeep Tags

I am so excited to share these free printable Duck Duck Jeep tags with you so that you can share a little happiness and kindness with your fellow Jeep community. These free printable tags are a great way to leave a little cheerful note for someone else to help brighten their day. 

duck duck jeep tags

Calling All Jeep Wrangler Drivers

If you are a new Jeep Wrangler driver, you are probably wondering why all of a sudden people are waving at you, or even leaving little rubber duckies, as in the kind that goes in a bathtub, on your Jeep. 

The Jeep Wave

The Jeep wave has been around for quite a while. It’s a way of greeting other Wrangler drivers and has helped to shape the Jeep community. I will never forget the first time I had a friend ride with me. That friend was trying to figure out how I knew all those people. I had to explain that I didn’t know them, it was just a Jeep thing, a way that other Jeep drivers can spread a little cheerfulness to others they encounter. 

Jeep Ducking

Jeep ducking when you find little rubber ducks on your Jeep is a newer way of spreading good cheer to the Jeep community. Often these little rubber duck gifts will be accompanied by a note from the giver, with a cheerful little greeting or saying. It’s hard to be down, when these happy little ducks greet you, as you are going about your normal day.  

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How did Duck Duck Jeep Get Started?

The person who started it all is believed to be Allison Parliament (Source). During the 2020 pandemic, Allison wanted to spread some kindness and cheer, so Allison left a little rubber duck with a note on a parked Jeep, in the hopes of bringing a smile to the Jeep owner’s face. 

From then on, Allison and friends continued to spread the good cheer by continuing to leave little notes and rubber ducks on other Jeeps. Eventually, the trend took off and has spread from Canada into the United States, and even other parts of the world. 

The Purpose of Duck Duck Jeep

The main purpose of duck duck deep is to bring a smile to the recipient’s face and to spread good cheer and share a little kindness with those who cross your path. It honestly doesn’t take much effort to improve someone’s day, it can be done with a simple smile, or in this case, a little yellow ducky accompanied by a nice note.

free printable jeep tags

How to Participate in Jeep Ducking

To participate in the jeep decking, all you need is a bag of rubber ducks, some rubber bands, and some duck duck deep tags, which I am very happy to provide with this free printable. 

To participate in spreading the good cheer, all you have to do is leave a little rubber duck on a fellow Jeep with your note. The recipient then will typically post a picture of the received duck to social media with the tags #duckduckjeep or #duckingjeep. They can then pass on the little ducky to the next fun Jeep they see. This is such a fun way to spread a happy vibe and brighten someone’s day! 

duck duck jeep printable

Duck Duck Jeep Tags

In order to help you out, in participating with the duck duck jeep trend, I have created a free printable for you, with duck duck deep tags. You can simply enter your email address into the box below to receive your instant download. This file comes in a PDF version, which can be saved to your computer, then you can edit the free tag so that it has your desired text on it.

You can simply print these tags on white card stock, or even on your color choice of paper. The back of the tag is left blank, but you can feel free to add a personal note for the specific Jeep that you are ducking if desired.

Please note that this set of duck tags is a digital item, and no physical item will be sent. You can simply enter your email address into the box below, select your desired style, or a random color, then print them out cut the tags out, and attach them to your little duckies. Then distribute these duckies to your fellow Jeep community, with a sweet note to spread kindness and make someone’s day a little bit brighter.

Please know that this free printable duck duck tag download is intended for your personal use only and should not be used for commercial distribution under any circumstances.

Rubber Duckies

I really hope that you take advantage of these free printable duck duck Jeep tags and spread a little Jeep love with your fellow Jeep community. If you’re looking to brighten the day for those around you, then this is a great place to start!

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my free printable duck duck Jeep tags. I hope that you enjoy them!

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