All About My Dad Free Father’s Day Printable Worksheet

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All About My Dad Worksheet

Honoring dads, with this special All About My Dad Worksheet is a fun way to celebrate them on their special day. With this free Father’s Day questionnaire, you can celebrate dad’s on Father’s Day, or even for other special events like Dad’s birthday if you want. 

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I am very excited to share this free resource with you so that you can make sure that special man in your life, or your kid’s life has an extra special day with a good laugh to make them remember their special occasion with fond memories! 

Free Printable All About My Dad Questionnaire  – Last Minute Father’s Day Gift

No matter if you are looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift, or you are planning in advance, this free worksheet is the perfect gift idea. These free printables are full of fun questions and will likely make you laugh out loud when reading them, as some children give quite the funny answers to the questions. 

These free Father’s Day worksheets are a great activity for classroom use, or to do on your own with your kids as a special gift that is sure to surprise Dad. Plus, when you do the activity together with your children, you get to have the pleasure of witnessing their answers to understand how they see the world and those who are closest to them. 

What’s Included in the All About My Dad Father’s Day Printable Fill-in-Blank

Before downloading the All About My Dad Worksheet packet, it is helpful to know what all you will be getting. With this FREE download, there are several different options included in this one PDF file. 

Let’s explore some of the different versions of this special Father’s Day gift that is included in the free download that I have for you. 

“All About My Dad” Printable: Think Outside the Box

The first printable option is great for kids who are still learning how to write. This option does have a few fill-in-the-blank spaces but also includes several boxes for the children to draw their answers in if desired. 

In my opinion, this is a fun, yet sweet way for your children to express how they see and think of their dad. Not only is this printable option a fun and sweet way for your kids to give a gift to their dad but also an entertaining but special keepsake. 

“All About My Dad” Printable: All Business

This printable worksheet version is a great resource for dads who are in business. The cute decorations add to the overall presentation of this printable worksheet. This free printable is a type of fill-in-the-blank worksheet with questions to answer about dad. 

“All About My Dad” Printable: Fun and Funny

This printable worksheet version for Father’s Day is an entertaining way to show the sweet way that kids view their dad. The worksheet features a special place for kids to draw or add a picture of themselves and their dad together. Then additional questions are included with spaces for them to fill in their answers. 

My Dad Questionnaire 

We have also made a fun and straightforward version for you, of our fun Father’s Day questionnaire worksheet which is a printable questionnaire. This free printable is full of questions that the kids can fill in the blanks for each question. 

I Love My Dad Because

The last page included in our FREE printable is a sheet where your kids can either draw or write out all of the reasons, they love their dad. If your children are especially creative, this is a fun way to see how they will express their love for their dad. 

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Supplies Needed for the All About My Dad Printable

In order to take full advantage of these free printables, you will want to have a few supplies on hand. Here are the recommended items you will need:

  • White paper – printer paper or cardstock will work
  • Writing utensil
  • Markers or crayons 

How to Use the All About My Dad Questionnaire

  1. Get your free copy of our All About My Dad Worksheet
  2. Save a copy to your device and then print out your desired pages
  3. Let your children color the pages and fill in each blank with their answers
  4. Laminate or frame the page once complete
  5. Wrap it and give it as a special gift for Dad this Father’s Day

Why is a Printable a Fun Gift for Kids to Give Dad

It’s Quite Humorous 

This printable is such a fun Father’s Day gift for several different reasons. One of the reasons this is my top favorite gift idea is because it often provides humor, to see life through a child’s eyes. It makes me think of the TV show “Kids Say the Darndest Things”! In this case, it is very true, and makes a fun gift! 

A Sentimental Gift

In addition to this gift being quite humorous, it is also a chance for your kids to give dad a heartfelt gift so that he can enjoy their sweet answers for years to come, even after they have grown up. This makes this gift the perfect keepsake. 

In my family, we have always preferred handmade items. This way you know that the person had to put some thought and consideration into the item they are giving as a gift. This is also true of the All About My Dad worksheet. Plus, it’s a great way to boost your dad’s ego and make him feel really good about himself. 

A Low-Cost Gift

Another reason why this is a fun gift for Dad is because it is a low-cost gift that still means a lot. You can prepare this printable as a very nice gift, at a very low cost. One of my favorite ways to fix this gift up is to let your child add their coloring touches to it, then put the paper in a nice frame. You can often find some nice picture frames for a low cost at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, or a Dollar General store. 

Download Your FREE All About My Dad Worksheet

Getting your Free printable Father’s Day questionnaire is quite simple. To receive your copy, please enter your email address into the box below. Then your free All About My Dad worksheet will be sent directly to your email inbox. 

Please note that this file is available as a PDF file so that it is readable on any device. Please also note that this file has been created for your personal use only and should not be used for commercial distribution under any circumstances. 

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Tips for customizing the printable for your child and their relationship with Dad

  • Let your child get creative
  • Encourage them to add drawings or their own personal touches
  • Use Dad’s favorite colors

Creative Ways to Give the Completed Printable to Dad

As a Framed Picture

My favorite way to present this worksheet to Dad for Father’s Day is to find a nice picture frame, then cut and format the picture so that it fits nicely in the frame. This allows it to be prominently displayed for Dad to remember how much he is loved. 

Laminating Sheets

Another great way to complete the worksheet is to laminate the page so that it has a nice finish and lasts longer. 

Accompany with Dad’s favorite Snack

A fun way to present this gift is to choose one of Dad’s favorite snacks and include it with your finished worksheet. 

What if My Child Can’t Write Yet?

There are several creative ways you can encourage your child to still make this gift even if they can’t write yet. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Use the page that is mostly coloring prompts
  • Verbally ask your child the questions and you write in the answers
  • This is such a fun option – Make a video of your child responding to the questions
All about my dad fathers day

All About My Dad Father’s Day Gift – Printable

Taking advantage of this FREE All About My Dad worksheet is a great gift to make and give to the special father figure in your, or your child’s life this Father’s Day. This free printable download allows you to make a sweet gift for dad that he can enjoy with fond memories for many years to come. 

Thank you so much for stopping in to learn more about my free All About My Dad Worksheet. I hope that you will take advantage of this fun resource. 

BONUS All About My Grandpa

As a bonus, I have also included a FREE Grandpa printable, for that special grandfather figure in your or your child’s life. 

all about my grandpa

More FREE Printables

In addition to these free resources, be sure to check out our free resource library where you will find many more kinds of free printables. Especially be sure to check out our Mother’s Day – All About My Mom worksheet! 

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