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Printable Shapes Flash Cards

These printable shapes flash cards are a helpful tool to help young children learn the concept of shapes, as well as recognize and memorize the names of different shapes. Using these printable flashcards as a way to help your child memorize and learn their shapes is a fun way to help them learn and retain the information.

shape flashcards for kids

These free printable flash cards include a set of shapes flashcards, with bright colors that will be attractive to early learners. This is a fun way to make a game out of learning, or simply use the basic shapes flashcards as a way to recognize and memorize the name of each shape. 

Sometimes the concept of shapes can be difficult for young children to grasp. Your early learners will enjoy these color flashcards, the include many different shapes as well as the name of each shape. You can help them learn the names of shapes, and even turn it into a matching game if desired. 

The good news is you don’t have to stay in a rut, these printable shapes flashcards allow young children to enjoy white flashcards with bright colors, as a fun way to learn and memorize their shapes. The free shape flashcards are a great tool you can use as school preparation, or even as part of your daily routine whether you homeschool or are simply trying to reinforce some practical knowledge.

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Free Printable Shapes Flashcards

This free download, which I have created especially for you, is it shapes flashcard PDF, which you can print and use as flashcards to help kindergarten age kids learn and recognize each shape as well as learn the name of the shape. You can also turn it into a fun matching game to help your child learn through play.

Name of Each Shape

Learning the name of each shape is a basic step in your child’s education. Young children will begin to learn and recognize shape names, associated with the given shape. This is an important step in early learning for your children. 

My hope is that you can enjoy these printable shapes flashcards to help your child learn each shape and be able to give the name of the shape when presented with the flashcards.

Turn it into a Matching Game

A great way to mix things up, and help your child still learn at the same time, is to turn these printable shape flashcards into a matching game. All you have to do, is print off two copies of each card, that way you can play a matching game for each shape. This is a fun way to allow your child to play while still learning.

Advanced Shapes

These printable shapes flashcards have a few options, starting with the basic shapes, then you can also add in more advanced shapes for your children to learn. The advanced shapes make a great addition, once your child has the basic shapes down.

Fun and Bright Colors

Not only can you allow your child to learn in a fun way by using these shapes flashcards, but they are also designed in bright colors to help attract your child’s attention as well. This way they can enjoy the fun colors well learning their different shapes.

shape flashcard for kids

Free Printable Shapes Flash Cards

This free download is an instant download file available as a PDF file. The PDF file is readable across many different devices, and you don’t have to have a special program in order for your device to recognize it. 

To get your copy of these free printable flashcards, please enter your email address into the box below. Then check your email inbox, you will have received an email from me, with a PDF attachment. You will want to download this PDF file and save it onto your computer or device. From there you can print this PDF file out as many times as you wish.

Please note, for the best results I suggest that you use cardstock paper rather than regular printer paper as it will have more durability in using these shapes as flashcards. 

Please note that these printable shapes flash cards are created especially for you, and they are intended for your personal use only. This download should not be used for commercial distribution under any circumstances. 

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Free Printable Shape Flashcards

These free printable shape flash cards are a great tool that you can use to help your young children begin to learn and recognize different shapes. By using these flashcards, you can help your child learn the names and recognize the shapes and also turn the learning process into a fun matching game if desired. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, to check out my free printable shapes flashcards. I hope that you will take advantage of this instant download and begin using it with your child today! 

Happy Learning!

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