Free First Day of 6th Grade School Sign Printable

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First Day of 6th Grade Sign Printable Free

When back to school time rolls around, and you have a new middle school student, you don’t have to worry about waiting until the last minute to get your printable sign to take pictures on the first day of school. I have created a first day of 6th grade sign printable free of cost for you! 

first day of sixth grade white with flags

All you have to do is download it, then print it out to use for your first day of school pictures. You can enjoy these three printables, without having to worry about adding one more thing to your to-do list.

First Day of School Pictures

Taking first day of school photos, on the first day of the new school year is such a fun tradition. 

The first day of school photos are such a fun way to see how your child grows throughout the year. Especially on the transition of moving from elementary school into 6th grade. This cute sign can be used as a photo prop for all of your first-day-of-school pictures. It’s one more thing you can cross off your back-to-school checklist, and it’s entirely free!

Free First Day of School Sign

I have created a few different design options for your first day of school printable. Not only is this an adorable sign that you can print out and add your child’s name, and current school year, it makes an excellent photo prop, for the current year.

Taking a picture on the kids’ first day back to school is such a fun school tradition. It’s a great way to keep track of how much the kids have grown since last year, and how much they will grow during the school year. When you look back, it’s hard to believe how much they grow and mature over those months of school.

First Day of Sixth Grade Sign

These free printable signs make for a great start of each school year. You don’t have to have a lot of fancy things in order to make these school signs look adorable. All you need is white card stock or colored card stock if you prefer, for the signs to be printed on. You can use regular printer paper, if necessary, but card stock is a little thicker, so it looks a little bit nicer. 

first day chalkboard

Different Designs Available

There are a few different design options available for you in this free download. One of the main designs of this free printable sign is with a chalkboard background. This looks adorable but might be difficult to print on some printers. 

For this reason, I have also prepared a simple design which primarily functions as a white sign. There’s nothing dark and you won’t use a lot of ink with this design. The background is plain white, but it still looks adorable.

Homeschool Signs

These free printable signs are for the first day of school and are also great for a child’s first day of homeschooling. The first day of school sign makes an adorable first day photo for homeschool students, private school students, and public school students alike. It doesn’t matter what school the child is going to, the main purpose of these signs, is to take an adorable first-day-of-school picture.

Last Day of School Signs

As a bonus, I have also included a last day of school sign so that you can mark both the beginning and ending time of year, when your child started and finished school. This is such a fun way to see how your child grew and changed over the school year.

editable first day

Editable Template

Although this sign is primarily intended for sixth grade students, it is an editable PDF file, which means you can adjust it to be used for children starting the first day of preschool sign, the first day of kindergarten, eighth grade, or even 12th grade. 

You can also enjoy taking pictures with this first day of school signs, to mark the kid’s first day of first grade, and then see the changes as they finish twelfth grade. No matter what grade your child is going into, adding this free printable to your school supplies to help you start and end the year is a great idea!

Free Printable First Day of School Signs

This free download is available in a PDF file, that can help you remember your children’s special day, with a fun picture of your child.

Please note that this PDF is intended for your personal use only and should not be used for commercial use or distribution under any circumstances. This includes the first day of school sign and the last day of school printables in this download.

To receive your free copy of these printable signs, please enter your email address into the box below, then an email containing the PDF file will be sent directly to your email inbox. From there you can download the file and print it out as many times as you wish.

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First Day of School Sign Printables

Cute first day of school signs will help you to make a fun tradition out of taking cute first day of school photo for each of your children. With this free download, you can check off one more item on your to-do list, when you are preparing for your children to go back to school. These 1st day signs are such a fun addition to help you remember your children as they learn and grow each school year.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my first day of sixth grade sign printable which is completely free. I hope that you will take advantage of this instant download, and enjoy getting it to fit each of your children’s needs for this year’s school photos. Enjoy!

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