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Preschool Number Chart Printable

Using our free preschool number chart printable is a great way to help your young children learn basic skills for recognizing and understanding their numbers. A preschooler’s attention span is typically quite short, so this free printable number chart is a great way to help get their attention with bright colors, fun shapes, and objects, that will help your early learners start recognizing the meaning of different numbers.

preschool number chart 1-10 and 11-20

This free printable includes numbers one through ten, and another option with numbers one through twenty. Not only does this printable have numbers on it, but also objects to help your child identify what the number means, and can help you teach your child some basic counting skills. These objects on the cards are a great opportunity for you to point out the different toys around your house and also represent the numbers on the page.

I have also included the number words as well so that they can start to recognize the word for each number. Admittedly, this is a bit advanced for preschoolers, they can begin to recognize and pick out some letters and numbers. It’s still okay to start exposing them to the number words, even if they can’t read it yet. This is a fun way to get your child started on their learning journey.

If you need a little extra support or an easy way to get started helping your preschooler recognize numbers, you can get your free download of this number chart printable at the end of this post. I am excited to share it with you, as a completely free download! 

Helping a young child learn their numbers can be a challenge at times. Likely, your young children will not want to sit and be taught their numbers in a classroom setting. While they may pay attention for a few moments at a time, you will likely need to work on these numbers through their daily play.

My hope is that this printable numbers chart will help your child be able to identify numbers and understand their basic meaning. It’s important that your young children learn their numbers and be able to identify them, before they start school, no matter what kind of school they will begin.

This free printable is also a great reference guide for homeschool parents, as they begin the learning journey with their children. If you are a homeschool parent, I hope that you will take full advantage of this free resource.

number chart 11-20

Simple Number Chart

The main goal of the simple number chart printable is to help your young children with number recognition. This doesn’t have to be hard, or stressful. You can help your young children learn numbers, even when they are enjoying play time or other fun activities. 

One of the great ideas of using this concept of numbers is that your child will begin to recognize numbers through their play in addition to learning their numbers. As they learn through play, they will grasp the concept of what each number actually means. 

Number Charts

Using number charts is a fun way to incorporate numbers and learning into your daily routine. You can print these numbers out, then cut them out around the boxes so that you can mix up the order of numbers if desired. This will help your child recognize the numbers out of sequential order.

When you mix up the order, your little learner will get extra practice and be able to identify random numbers with these easy reference sheets. These are the perfect way to help your child with number formation so that they can identify and understand what each number means. 

Now, to get your free copy of this printable preschool number chart, continue to the bottom of the post, to get your free copy of this printable.

number charts together

Free Printable Number Chart

What exactly does this free printable number chart include? This file is in a PDF format so that any device can open it. You can open the PDF file, save it to your device, or print it as many times as you wish. This will make for easy printing and an easy resource that you can use more than once.

These free resources include a 1-10 chart and a 1-20 chart. Not only do they have the numbers on these charts, but also the numbers of items that your child can learn to count, to help understand the concept of each number. The download also includes the number name, so that your child can begin recognizing that as well, though they likely can’t read it yet, it is still a good reference.

To get this free preschool number chart printable, which is available to you, simply enter your email address into the box below. Then your free printable will be sent directly to your inbox. You can download the file and print it as many times as you wish. Please note that this free printable is intended for personal use only, not for commercial distribution.

Number Chart Printable for Preschoolers

Using this free printable number chart is a great reference tool for helping your young child begin to learn their numbers. They can begin to understand number sequencing skills, as well as picking out individual numbers. It doesn’t have to be the school time of year, to begin teaching your younger kids some basic skills.

printable preschool number charts

This preschool number chart printable is a great tool to use as a homeschool parent, or simply for a parent that is looking to help their child to get a head start learning their basic number skills. My hope is that this printable number chart will help your child begin to identify their numbers and understand what that number means.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you will take advantage of this free preschool number chart printable. 

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