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60 Day Calendar Printable

There are many different types of calendars, including ones for special events, calendars to start off the new year, daily schedule calendars, whole year calendars, single page calendars, or just calendars to help you organize your busy life, and yes, our 60 day calendar printable. 

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Although there are many types of calendars that come in a lot of different formats, I am going to focus specifically on a 60-day calendar and provide this type of calendar to you as a free printable calendar. These printable calendars are completely free of cost to you, and can easily be downloaded and printed using your home printer. I hope that you enjoy them! 

These free downloads are unlike any other monthly planner. Instead, these 60-day calendar downloads will help you plan for a specific goal or even keep track of your 60-day challenge so that you can have the best result possible. 

Types of 60-Day Calendars

60-Day Challenge Calendar

A 60-day challenge is when you set aside two months and focus on achieving your personal nutrition and fitness goals. This is usually based on a specific fitness program or a shorter workout plan that only takes 60 days. 

When you decide to take the 60-day challenge, you may be in search of a calendar to help you keep track of each day. In our 60-day calendar printable, I have a few options that will work well to help you achieve your 60-day challenge, with our free 60-day calendar printable. 

Monthly Hybrid Calendars

A monthly hybrid calendar is like a monthly calendar, only looking at two months at a time rather than one. In a monthly hybrid calendar, you have the monthly names, days of the week, and the number for each day. 

In hybrid monthly calendars, you will typically find the number of days, for two months, listed by the day of the week. These calendars may come as blank calendars, where you have to fill in each date yourself, or they may have the dates prefilled. Keep in mind, if you are filling out the dates on a blank calendar yourself, you’ll want to account for Leap years.  

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Blank Calendar Template

As mentioned above, a blank calendar template is a calendar that is entirely blank. This means you fill out the month in the year, as well as the dates for that specific month. Blank calendars can come in monthly calendars, or in hybrid months, meaning two months at a time.

Our free printable that is provided to you, includes a blank calendar for both 30 days and 60 days. This will fit a need for those of you looking for a completely blank calendar or a blank 60-day calendar. 

Social Media Strategy Template 

Keeping track of your social media strategy is another reason why you might be looking for a 60-day calendar printable. A 60-day calendar provides a good base for your social media strategy planning. Using a 60-day calendar you can map out your different posts, as well as any themes you wish to incorporate throughout those 60 days. 

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Special Dates

Special dates are another reason you might use a 60-day calendar. There are different special dates that you may wish to keep track of and activities leading up to them. No matter if you’re trying to keep track of last-minute details for wedding planning, or if you simply have a party that you’re planning and can also be used to help keep track of an event list, a 60-day calendar can come in handy for any special dates you may be planning. 

Other Types of Calendars

Yearly Calendar

In addition to a 60-day calendar printable, there are many other types of calendars. A yearly calendar helps you to glance at the year in a summary version. Usually, a yearly calendar will have the entire year outlined by month, and date. This is all on one sheet, so you can see the entire year at a glance. 

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Daily Calendar

A daily calendar, simply helps you plan out what needs to occur each day. It might be broken up by hours and minutes, or is simply may have a space for you to plan each day. 

Countdown Calendar

Countdown calendars are typically for special occasions. Most often, countdown calendars are used to help children keep track of how many days until Christmas. However, there are other types of countdown calendars as well, perhaps it’s leading up to a birthday, wedding date, or other special dates.  

Weekly Calendar Templates

The weekly calendar typically has an entire week at a glance. They then have space for you to break out each day, to keep track of what is happening during the entire week. 

Wall Calendar 

Wall calendars are another type of calendar. These are small enough to hang on the wall and are usually displayed in a prominent location so that everyone can keep track of the important things coming up. Usually, when we think of wall calendars, we think of monthly calendars, however, wall calendars can be any type of calendar as long as they are small enough to hang on the wall. 

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Free 60 Day Calendar Printable PDF

This file comes as a PDF download, and you will need a PDF viewer in order to open it. In order to receive your free download, all you have to do is enter your email address into the box below, then check your email, for your free printable.

Copyright notice: Please note that this 60-day calendar printable is for your personal use only and is not for commercial use. 

Download Details: The paper size that this PDF is designed to print on is a standard US letter size or an 8 ½ x 11 page size. 

Free Download: 60 Day Calendar Printable

No matter why you are searching for a 60-day calendar printable, our free download comes in several different formats, it is highly likely to fit your needs for a 60-day calendar. I hope that you are able to take advantage of this free download, and I hope you enjoy it!

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