Sprouting Chia Seeds in a Jar and More Growing Methods

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Sprouting Chia Seeds in a Jar

When you think of spouting chia seeds, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is that old commercial for the original chia pet. What started out as chia seeds growing on a dog, cat, pig, or even cow, turned into Scooby-Doo, Garfield, Tweety Bird, and later a chia pet Obama head! 

Although chia pets are a fun memory, we are actually looking at growing chia sprouts in a jar. Chia microgreens are packed full of goodies that have great nutritional value for you. Not only are they great for you, but they are also fun to grow, and make a great addition to your salads and other dishes.

chia seeds in a jar

Plus sprouting your own chia seeds is a much more cost-effective way to enjoy the green. The great thing about sprouting your own chia seeds is that they don’t need much, since they are a type of air plant, all they need is water and a place to grow, then some exposure to the sunshine to turn green.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Because chia seeds and chia sprouts are types of super foods, this indicates that these little seed sprouts are packed full of nutritional value for your body. Although chia seeds a great for you, chia sprouts are even better for you because your body can absorb all of the good things much easier from the sprouts. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of these superfoods.

Chia sprouts are known for the high calcium they provide to your body. These little seeds can contain as much as five times more calcium than cow’s milk. Or for every 2 tablespoons of chia seeds up to 10% of your daily value. (Source)

Chia seeds are also an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber. In fact, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds can contain 29% of your daily value. (Source)

They are also a high energy endurance food, and rich in vitamin C. These little miracle foods are also rich in fatty acids and amino acids. It’s no wonder these little seeds are gaining popularity, especially among vegans and vegetarians. 

Where to Find Chia Seeds for Sprouting

Now that you are convinced of how good these seeds and chia sprouts are for your health, where can you buy the seeds for sprouting? You can find already sprouted seeds in the grocery store, however, these are often costly. They can also be found at health food stores. 

Chia seeds that are specific for sprouting, can also be purchased as seeds. You can sometimes find them in your grocery store in the garden section, at your local garden center, or you can order them online. 

How to Sprout Chia Seeds

There are several different ways that you can sprout chia seeds. Growing your own sprouts is not difficult, and will cost much less than buying them already sprouted. Before you start sprouting your seeds, make sure that they are the right type of seed for sprouting. 

The great thing about these seeds is that they are perfect for growing inside during the winter months, and don’t take much space to grow. Let’s first explore how to sprout chia seeds in a jar, then cover other methods you might enjoy as well. 

chia seeds inside a jar

Sprouting Chia Seeds in a Mason Jar

A great way to sprout chia seeds is by using a large mason jar. To sprout the seeds in a jar, you will need the following items on hand:

–       Wide-mouth jar

–       A teaspoon of chia seeds (more if desired)

–       Rubber band

–       Screen lids, cheesecloth, or something with small holes

–       Water

Start first by making sure your jar is very clean. I would recommend using a wide-mouth jar, but if you don’t have one a regular jar will work. 

When the jar is clean, measure the chia seeds into the jar, you can add more than a teaspoon if you want, but be careful to not have too much seed inside the jar. Rinse the seeds with cold water. Then cover the chia seeds in lukewarm water so that there is at least twice the volume of approximately 1-3 inches of water. Place them in a dark place and let them soak for 12 to 24 hours. 

The next day, use a plastic screen lid insertion, or elastic bands to hold the screen or cheesecloth in place. Drain the excess liquid. Rinse them with clean water, then drain them once more. Repeat this process using fresh water 2 or 3 times each day, to keep them fresh as they begin to sprout. 

In the sprouting jar, you may begin to see sprouts appear within 2 days depending on the seed type, or between 4-7 days. 

When the sprouts begin to grow in the jar, move the jar from a dry place into a sunny spot so that the leaves can green up for a day or two before you harvest the chia seed sprouts. 

chia seeds spilling out of a mason jar

Another Way to Sprout Chia Seeds in a Jar

Sprouting chia seeds in a jar doesn’t have to be complicated. You can add a damp paper towel to the bottom of a shallow jar and use the paper towel method. You can also use a smaller jar, to sprout the seeds. 

To do this you will want to add a teaspoon of seeds along with 1/4 inch of water into a clear jar. Let the seeds soak for 1 hour until they turn into a chia gel. Rinse the seeds, with cold water, and place them in indirect light. 

Each day, rinse with cold water, drain any access water, and place back in indirect light until the seeds begin to sprout. When the seeds start to sprout, move them to direct sunlight to help them turn green.

Other Ways to Sprout Chia Seeds

In addition to sprouting chia seeds in a jar, there are several other ways to sprout the seeds that work out well also. In fact, some of these other methods require less time and attention to enjoy your chia sprouts.

Essentially, chia seeds don’t need much to sprout, basically, they need a water source and some sunlight, and that’s pretty much it. Here are some other easy ways to sprout chia seeds.

chia seeds growing on paper towel

Chia Sprouts with Paper Towels

One of the easiest ways to sprout chia seeds is by using the paper towel method. To do this, you will want to have a dish or tray, a paper towel or two, and some cool water

First, take the chia seeds and rinse them in cool water. When they are exposed to the water, they turn into a chia gel. 

Next, lay the paper towel in your clean dish, and give it a good moistening of water. Drain any excess water, then spread the layer of chia seeds on top of the damp paper towel. 

Place the paper towel sprouts in a dark spot or in indirect sunlight, and water occasionally so that the paper towel stays moist. The chia seeds will sprout within a few days. Once sprouted they should be placed in indirect sunlight so that they turn a nice green. 

This method is often easier than using a jar, and I have had better luck with it because it is so easy.

In a Terra Cotta Dish

Growing chia seeds in a terra cotta dish is another great option that is fairly low maintenance. To do this, you will need:

–       A terra cotta plate

–       Chia seeds

–       Spray bottle 

–       Clear bowl or lid

–       Bowl to sit terra cotta tray

sprouting chia seeds in a dish

Begin by making sure the terra cotta dish is clean. Then pour ½ to 1 teaspoon of dry chia seeds into the terracotta dish. Carefully spread them out so that they are not touching each other. 

Fill the spray bottle with cold water, and spray the seeds thoroughly. Let them rest for 1 hour. Then take the bowl and fill it about ¼ inch deep with cold water. Set the terra cotta plate in the water, but the water should not run over into the tray. 

Terra cotta has a porous surface and will soak water into the bottom of the dish. Cover the dish with a clear bowl or lid to make a mini greenhouse effect, for a few days until the seeds begin to sprout. Check the water levels in the bowl, and add more as needed. You may also want to give the seeds a good misting of water with the spray bottle if they appear a little dry. 

Once the seeds sprout, remove the lid so that the sprouts have sufficient air circulation. Keep the seeds in indirect sunlight as they grow. 

In a Pie Plate Covered Moisture Method

Sprouting chia seeds on a pie plate is another easy method. I recommend using a clear glass pie plate for the best results. Pour a teaspoon of chia seeds into a clean pie plate, and sprinkle with a little water to make them moist. Let them rest for 1 hour, then drain any excess liquid. 

Cover the pie plate with plastic wrap and place the chia seeds in indirect sunlight or in a dark location. In a few days, the chia seeds will sprout. Check on them to see if they need any more water added, as they should remain moist. When the little sprouts form, move the pie plate to the sunshine so that they turn green. 

Chia Pet Method

As we mentioned at the start, a chia pet is definitely one of the ways chia seeds can be grown. You can buy the pet in some stores still or order it online. When you open the chia pet, the pet itself needs to be soaked in water for 1 hour. The seeds also need to be soaked in water to turn them into chia gel. 

Then spread the chia gel over the outside of the planter. Pour water into the center of the chia pet, to keep the pet wet. In 2 to 5 days the chia seeds will begin to sprout on the pet. Once sprouted, the pet can be moved to indirect sunlight. 

sprouted chia seeds in a ball jar

Jiff Pot Method

A jiff pot is simply a peat pot. This type of pot works because it retains moisture. Start off by soaking the peat pot in water and pour a little inside as well. After the pot has soaked, remove it from the water. 

Using the bottom of the pot, dip it in the seeds so that they stick to the outside, bottom, of the pot. Turn the pot upside down and place it in a tray or bowl of water, so that it continually soaks in moisture. In a few days, the seeds will sprout and can be moved to indirect sunlight. 

Sprout with Nylon or Linen

Another way that chia seeds can be sprouted is to use nylon or a linen napkin, similar to sprouting with a paper towel. 

Place the nylon or linen in a dish or tray, then spray with water until it is moist. Add seeds, and mist so that they turn into a chia gel. Spray occasionally to keep the nylon or linen moist. Once the seeds sprout, move to indirect sunlight to help the sprouts turn green. 

Growing Chia Plants

Growing chia plants is very easy. Although chia seeds don’t need soil to grow, they can be grown in the soil if you want. A word of caution when growing chia seeds in the dirt are to be careful that they have enough water, but not too much water. 

How to Serve Chia Seed Sprouts

When chia seeds are sprouted, you can enjoy the delicious addition to pretty much anything you are in the mood for. They are commonly added to soups, sandwiches, and salads. These greens are great served with fresh vegetables and make all-around delicious foods. 

Shelf Life of Sprouted Chia Seeds

Chia seeds themselves have a very long shelf life as long as they are kept in a cool dry location. However, once the chia seeds have grown into sprouts, they are best used within a day or two of their maturity.

sprouted chia seeds in a jar

Sprouting Chia Seeds in a Jar

Sprouting chia seeds in a jar doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many different ways you can easily sprout chia seeds. Those little sprouts are packed full of nutrients that are very beneficial for your health. 

Now that you have so many options for sprouting chia seeds on your own, it’s time to get busy sprouting your own seeds!

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