Easy DIY Scrunchie Sewing Pattern For Easy Scrunchies

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Scrunchie Sewing Pattern

Following this scrunchie sewing pattern is super easy and makes a great project to start with if you are new to sewing. You can also enjoy this pattern as an easy gift since scrunchies are so much fun. 

Making these DIY scrunchie sewing patterns is an easy sewing project if you are looking for something simple to work on. Plus, they are a lot of fun to make. You can easily make them in various sizes and with your desired type of material. 

pile of hair scrunchies

When I was younger and just learning some basic sewing skills, one of my favorite projects was making this type of sewn scrunchie pattern. It’s a great way to use of some fabric scraps you might have lying around, and is a very easy pattern. Plus, I got to wear my finished project and enjoy my hard work. 

Essentially, you are going to cut a rectangle of material, then fold it in half long ways. I like to iron mine in place, before sewing the raw edges together. Then all that’s left is to turn it inside out, fish the elastic through, and finish sewing it together. Although this is a quick overview of how to make this free sewing pattern for your own scrunchies, I will walk through the details with you in just a few minutes. 

Making your own scrunchies with scrap fabric is a great way to use up any fabric scraps you might have on hand. Because you only need a little fabric to make one scrunchie following this easy pattern, you don’t need to go out and buy a lot of fabric. 

What is the Skill Level of this Pattern?

The skill level for this scrunchie pattern is quite easy. If you are new to sewing, or even if you are looking for a simple project, then this is a great place to start. 

Sewing Homemade Scrunchies

Materials Needed To Sew Scrunchies: 

A small piece of fabric

3/8-inch wide elastic (feel free to use whatever size elastic you prefer)

A large safety pin

A rotary cutter

A cutting mat

Sewing machine


A hand sewing needle



Ironing board 

How to Sew Homemade Scrunchies 

Step 1: Before you Begin

Before you start sewing your scrunchie, I like to wash and dry my fabric, and then iron it thoroughly. This is completely up to your preference, but I do find that ironing the fabric before you begin is very helpful. 

iron the fabric for sceunchies
cutting fabric

Step 2: Cut the Fabric Out

Now we are going to cut out a rectangle of fabric. The exact size of the fabric rectangle will depend on how wide you want the scrunchie to be, and how ruffled. 

I like to cut my piece of fabric to be 5 inches wide by 20 inches long. This lets you have plenty of room for 1 inch seam allowance and still have a ruffled scrunchie. 

cut fabric with ruler
iron fabric
sewing the hem

Step 3: Fold and Iron

I like to iron my ends so that the seam ends up being nicer. To do this, fold the short edges under twice, then iron them in place.

Fold the long edge of the fabric over to meet the other long edge of the fabric so that it is inside out. The right sides are together. 

Iron the folded fabric so that it lays flat. 

iron in half
sew the seam
inside out scrunchie

Step 4: Sewing Instructions

If desired, sew along the edge of the short side of your fabric so that the seam stays in place.

Next, place the strip of fabric under the pressure foot of your sewing machine and sew a straight stitch along the long edge of the fabric. 

After you have the straight stitch sewn, you will want to go back and make a zigzag stitch along that same edge, to catch the raw edges and prevent the fabric from fraying. 

At this point, you will want to take either a large safety pin or attach it to the short edge of the short edge to pull it through to meet the other short edge. Or you can use a pair of chop sticks to fish one short end over to meet the other short end. 

turning it inside out
iron it right side out
adding elastic

Step 5: Turn it Right Side Out and Add Elastic

Take the fabric tube and gently push it through the small opening in your stitches to turn the scrunchie right side out. 

When the scrunchie is right side out, I would recommend ironing it to lay nice and flat once more. 

After you iron it, take the elastic and cut it into a 6 inch piece. Attach one end of the elastic to the large safety pin, and use the pin to fish it through your opening in the scrunchie, until it comes back out the other side. 

inserting elastic
turn it into a circle
sewing the elastic

Step 6: Finish Off

When you have the elastic through the fabric tube, pull both ends of the elastic out a bit from the fabric, and sew them together to finish out the circle. 

The final step is to finish sewing together the small opening you left in the fabric. Use a needle and thread to hand stitch the opening together. Then finish off. Your sewn scrunchie is now finished and ready for you to wear or give away as a gift. 

sewing the seam together
the finished hair scrunchie

Chart of Scrunchie Sizes

As I mentioned above, there are several different sizes of scrunchies you can make. Some are quite thin, some are very fluffy, and others are in between. Here is a quick look at different-sized scrunchies you might enjoy making as well as the jumbo scrunchies, oversized scrunchie, or even smaller ones that would be better for kids. 

Description                        Width              Length

Traditional size           5 inches           20 inches

Jumbo size                  6 inches           20 inches

Oversized                    7 inches           22 inches

Not quite as fluffy       5 inches           16 inches

Kid-friendly                 4 inches           16 inches

Narrow                        3 inches           16 inches         

Sewing Methods

Using an Invisible Stitch

This pattern specifically shows you how to make a type of scrunchie that is more like professional scrunchies. Because the seams are on the inside, and not seen, it has more of that finished look to this style of scrunchie. 

Outside Seam

Other types of scrunchies are sewn together by hemming the raw edges, then folding the rectangle of fabric so that the right sides face out. Then the seams are sewn, on the outside. Although this method does work, the other method using the invisible stitch method has a much nicer finished look. At least this is my opinion. 

Using a Hair Tie Instead of Elastic

Did you know that you can also make hair scrunchies around a hair tie? Although it’s a bit more complicated, there is a way to do this.

Type of Fabric for Scrunchies

As you may have noticed walking down the hair aisle at your local store, there are many different scrunchies made from a wide variety of fabrics. I was just looking at them the other day and was surprised at all of the different fabrics they are sometimes made from. 

Silk Fabric. Making a silk scrunchie looks beautiful when it is finished, but it can often be a pain to work with silk fabric. It tends to slide around, and often the seams pull apart quite easily. If you want to use silk, nothing is stopping you, but it might be a bit frustrating. 

Knit Fabric. Making a scrunchie out of knit fabric can work quite well. The knit fabric might be a little challenging to sew with since it is so stretchy, but the finished project is cute. 

Flannel Fabric. Using flannel fabric to make a scrunchie is another fun option. When you use flannel, you will want to be sure to zigzag the stitches to help it hold together better. 

Fleece Fabric. Fleece fabric is another nice option because it is so soft. Scrunchies can also be made from this type of fabric, but it could also be a bit challenging to sew with, depending on how thick it is. 

Cotton Fabric. Cotton fabric is going to be the easiest fabric to work with when sewing a scrunchie. Because of this, it is likely the best fabric to use, simply because it is the easiest, and comes in many fun color options. 

hair scrunchies on wrist

Hair Scrunchie PDF Sewing Pattern

If you prefer digital PDF sewing patterns, then you might enjoy downloading a paper pattern. Please note, that if you have a cutting board, ruler, and rotary cutter, you can easily cut the pieces of fabric to your desired size without using a paper pattern. However, if it makes the process easier for you, then I have made it available for you below simply by adding your email address in the box. 

stack of scrunchies

Homemade Scrunchie Tutorial

Following this easy scrunchie sewing pattern is quick and easy. Plus, it allows you to make really cute hair accessories for you to enjoy, or to give away as gifts. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial to learn to sew your own hair scrunchies! Make sure to tag me or comment below when you make your own! I love to hear from you. 

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