Tips For How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Pool Area

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How to keep Mosquitoes away from Pool

Enjoying your swimming pool during the summer is an absolute guarantee to have a fun time. But you might need to know if you things about how to keep mosquitoes away from the pool, and mosquito control in order to be able to enjoy your swimming pool during the summer months.

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On a hot summer day, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as taking a dip in the swimming pool. But as we know, mosquitoes are attracted to water sources, and sometimes your pool area can be the prime target of mosquitoes, whether you’re simply wanting to take a refreshing swim, or have a pool party.

Mosquito Infestation

Mosquito larvae, that turn into adult mosquitos can be quite the problem. Mosquito bites are known to carry diseases or spread diseases such as west nile virus, zika virus, yellow fever, and even other life-threatening diseases. 

Not only can those little buggers be pesky mosquitoes, but they can also be harmful to your health. This is why it’s important to take precautions to keep mosquitoes away from the pool so that you can still have fun and enjoy being outside enjoying a nice leisurely swim on a hot summer day.

The warm weather of summertime causes mosquitoes to seek a breeding ground. It’s important to get ahead of the curve and to remove the mosquito breeding grounds before they become a problem. Here are a few effective ways that you can stay on top of mosquitoes, and still be able to enjoy your swimming pool this summer. 

Ideas to Keep Mosquitoes Away from the Pool

Avoid Standing Water

Mosquitoes like to lay their mosquito eggs in slow-moving water, or stagnant water. Sometimes if the pool water is not properly cared for, it can be a mosquito magnet. Other times there is standing water near your pool, which is a warm water food source, that will also draw mosquitoes to lay their eggs. It is best to eliminate any other body of water, which is not in circulation, to avoid a mosquito infestation in the standing water.

Maintain a Clean Pool

It’s important that you maintain a clean pool so that mosquitoes are not drawn to that body of water. You can maintain a clean pool by the first step of performing regular pool maintenance. This is done by chemical treatment to your pool to keep the water nice and clean. You can also run your pool pump regularly to circulate the water.

Pool Toys

Pool toys can be another source that attracts mosquitoes. It is best to make sure the pool toys dry completely before they are stored away. You can do this by hanging them up to dry, then stacking them in a location that will not collect water or becomes damp.

Allowing your pool toys to completely dry, so they do not hold water, or cause a puddle of stagnant water is essential in making sure that you keep mosquitoes away from the pool area.

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Pool Equipment

In order to keep mosquito infestation away from the pool area, it’s also important to make sure that equipment is properly dried and stored away. Any type of pool equipment can cause stagnant water or puddles to form, which might attract mosquitoes to the area.

The Time that you Swim

You also want to be aware of what time of day you were planning to swim in the pool or host a pool party. It’s best to use the pool calendar in the heat of the day to avoid the most mosquito problems. 

By swimming later in the day, or in the evening, you are much more likely to have problems with mosquitoes bothering you around the pool, than if you swim in the morning, or afternoon hours.

Mosquito-Repelling Plants

One of my favorite natural mosquito repellents is to plant mosquito-repellent plants around your pool area. This way the scent of the plants will decrease the overall number of mosquitoes that frequent your outdoor area. Plus, as an added bonus you get to have beautiful plants and flowers surrounding your swimming pool, and pool area in general. 

Adding mosquito repellent plants to your pool area is a great way to decrease your mosquito population. This is one of my preferred ways because it is a natural way to feed the mosquitoes and allows you to enjoy the swimming pool without a lot of additional work.

There are several different types of mosquito repellent plants you might enjoy adding to your swimming pool area. The first course is citronella, you can find citronella plants or citronella grass works well to keep mosquitoes away. And the other types of plants include the following:




Bee balm





Crane’s Bill

Cymbopogon Nardus


Floss flower




Lemon balm

Lemon Thyme









Scented Geraniums

If you especially know that you have a lot of mosquitoes near your area, you might consider surrounding your pool area with several of these plants to help decrease the mosquito population. This way you can still enjoy going for a swim without the mosquitoes bothering you.

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Citronella Candles

Burning citronella candles around your pool area, will you go for a swim can also help to decrease the mosquitoes that will bother you while you enjoy the swimming pool. Mosquitoes don’t like the scent of citronella, so this is a good way to help reduce the mosquito population well you go for a swim. This is a good temporary solution, but it’s not a permanent solution to the mosquito problem.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a type of plant, whose leaves hope to return mosquitoes. You can crush the leaves, then rub them directly on your skin, to help reduce the chance of bug bites. You can make it into a spray or rub the leaves directly on your skin. Lemon balm is known to repel mosquitoes as well as gnats.

Air Movement

Another good way to help reduce the chance of getting a mosquito bite while going for a swim is to increase the airflow in your swimming pool area. You can do this by setting out a few fans, that will help to circulate the air. Make sure the fans are out of the way so they know and trips.

Mosquitoes are not drawn to an area where there is good air circulation, this is why adding a fan, will have to decrease your mosquito problems.

Insect Repellent

Insect repellent is another good way to help repel mosquitoes away from the pool area. Insect repellent comes in a few different forms. There is the kind of mosquito repellent that can be sprayed directly on your skin, then another kind that can be sprayed around the area in which you wish to keep the mosquitoes away. 

Most effective mosquito repellent types include chemicals such as DEET, so you may or may not want to use this form of insect repellent to help keep mosquitoes away. It’s entirely up to your preferences, as there are other options to choose from if you desire. 

Yellow Bug Lights

Yellow bug lights installed outside may also be options that can help keep mosquitoes away. This is a temporary solution that will typically only work in small areas. However, this might be a good option for your situation, depending on your swimming pool setup.

Attract Natural Predators

Another option is to attract natural predators of mosquitoes. For instance, you might consider putting up bat houses in your yard, near the pool area. Hopefully, the bats will help to eat mosquitoes since they are a natural predator of mosquitoes. 

You might consider what other natural predators to mosquitoes you could attract to your backyard, that can help fight the mosquito population as well. One word of caution when considering natural predators that will attack the mosquito population, make sure that you are OK with having the predators in your yard, rather than the mosquitoes.

Mosquito Traps

You could also consider getting different types of mosquito traps or bug traps to put around your swimming pool area as well. Those will help to catch mosquitoes and decrease the overall mosquito population in your area.

Bug Nets

Another option would be to cover your pool area with a pool screen, or another type of bug netting. This way you can be protected when you go for a swim in the pool, especially if you live in an area with a higher mosquito population. This would be especially useful if you are in an area located near swamps, or other stagnant water areas that you cannot control.

Screen Room Enclosure

Add the last resort, you might consider adding a screen room pool enclosure over your swimming area. This would be a costly solution but might be necessary depending on your location. If the mosquito population is not on your private property, or out of your control, then this would be a solution worth considering. 

Bird Baths

If you have a birdbath in your backyard, or another type of water feature with stagnant water sitting there, then you might consider removing the water feature as it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This is a quick and easy way that you can decrease the mosquito population by your pool.

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Kiddie Pool

If you have a kitty pool or wading pools in your backyard, you might consider finding a way to treat them or empty them regularly so that these bodies of water do not attract mosquitoes. The hot temperatures can cause slime to grow, and attract mosquitoes quickly when the weather is warm, causing kitty pools to be an unfortunate easy breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Small Puddles of Water

Small puddles of water or ponds in your backyard can also attract mosquitoes. An easy solution to this would be to add mosquito fish into the pond. That way the mosquito fish can fight any mosquito infestation in the small body of water.

Old Tires

Old tires laying around in the backyard can also attract mosquitoes. If you have any old tires laying around, the first step towards keeping mosquitoes away from the pool would be to get rid of the old tires right away. This way you can easily remove something that so easily attracts mosquitoes.

Septic Tanks

Another less common thing that mosquitoes are attracted to is actually septic tanks. If there is any way to get into the tank, mosquitoes will find a way. Septic tanks are a prime location for mosquitoes to get into and lay eggs. Make sure to cover any ventilation pipes or any openings that might have the tiniest place for mosquitoes to get into. Keeping mosquitoes out of septic tanks is important to maintain the mosquito population in your backyard.

Pest Control Company

The last thing that I wanted to mention is if all of these ideas fail, you may end up needing to call a pest control company to come out and spray your yard for mosquitoes. Make sure to discuss your specific situation with the pest control company, as they may have a good solution that fits your unique situation.

Remove Mosquito Problem From Pool Area

There is nothing more refreshing than taking a nice swim in the pool and a hot day. In order to enjoy your swimming pool to its fullest, you will want to make sure to keep mosquitoes away from the pool. There are many different ways that you can go about fighting mosquitoes. The best ways will depend on your specific situation. With all of these ideas outlined above, my hope is that you can find a few ideas to try and see what works best for you.

Thank you so much for stopping by, to learn how to keep mosquitoes away from the pool. I hope that these tips and tricks have been very helpful to you!

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