Easy Crochet Magic Ring Tutorial Guide For Beginners

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How to Crochet a Magic Ring

I am so excited to show you how to crochet a magic ring. This tutorial will walk you through the step-by-step instructions on how to make the foundation ring which comes in handy for so many different projects. 

magic circle

If you’re looking to make any type of round project, whether it’s a round dishcloth, doily, or crocheted stuffed animals, you want to know how to make a crocheted magic ring, which is the base of your project.

When you are making any type of round crochet project, the magic ring is that adjustable ring, which is needed as your very first stitch. The magic circle crochet stitch is very important for any type of round project. The crocheted magic loop allows you to make the stitches in the loop, and then tighten it so that your project has a nice and professional looking starting a stitch.

After crocheting for many years, I think that starting your crocheted project with a magic circle gives it a much more professional appearance because you can pull the starting circle tight, making it so that there’s no hole at the beginning of your round crochet project.

What is a Crochet Magic Circle?

A crocheted magic circle is that adjustable loop, made as your very first stitch. Because the circle is adjustable, it works well as your foundation ring and can be tightened after it is made with your working yarn. 

Essentially, a magic circle or magic ring is a type of slip knot. It makes a small circle, in which you can make your stitches, then tighten the ring, so that there is only a very small hole remaining. 

Because the magic ring does its thing, but the small hole that remains is almost invisible, once your first round of stitches is complete using this magic circle technique is the best way to start your round crocheted projects.

In essence, the magic ring, or magic circle is in place of the starting chain. Rather than making a foundation chain, as however many numbers of chains the project might direct if you’re making a flat project, round projects use the magic ring, also known as a magic circle.

The Advantage of the Magic Ring Method

Rather than just starting your crocheted project off with a given number of crochet stitches, the easiest way, with the best results is to use the magic ring method as the base for your first round of crochet stitches.

This is because your magic circle is designed to be tightened so that the small hole in the center is hardly visible when complete. This will give your round crocheted project a beautiful beginning.

Let’s begin to look at how to crochet magic rings. Go grab your favorite type of yarn, and crochet hook, then we’ll get started with the step-by-step instructions on how to make a crochet magic ring with photo tutorials included. Let’s get started!

a starting magic ring

Magic Ring Crochet Technique

As we jump into this tutorial on how to make a magic ring for crocheting, keep in mind that there is both a right-handed method and a left-handed method. Essentially the method is the same, you just switch hands. Because I’m right-handed, we’re going to use the right hand in the instructions and pictures below.

You will be working the yarn with your right hand and holding the yarn in place with your left hand. On your left hand, you’ll be using your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.

Start by taking a length of yarn and pinching it with your thumb between your index finger and your middle finger. This is the starting tail. Hold it in place, then turn your hand over so that the back of your hand is facing up. 

Wrap yarn going away from you, wrap it around your finger once, then overlap the yarn another half time, so that on top of your fingers, the working end of the yarn, forms an X.

The yarn is now wrapped over your index and middle finger 1 ½ times. Hold the working and the yarn tail in place with your ring finger.

wrap over
wrap around

Now pick up your crochet hook and insert it between your index and middle fingers. Insert hook underneath the first strand of yarn, and then catch the working end of the yarn with your hook. 

Pull the working end of the yarn underneath the first strand of yarn. Insert the hook into the yard and twist it.

making the x
slip stitch magic circle

Reach back over the top of the yarn loop, and work a slip stitch, by pulling the working yarn through the loop of yarn on the hook, with the working end of the yarn tail.

You can now create the first round of stitches, by adding as many required number of stitches in the center of the ring as needed.

slip stitch magic ring
making the magic circle

Don’t worry about the tail strand of yarn yet. If you hold it in place as you add your stitches, it will get woven in naturally. However, you will still want to reach the tale of yarn, to tighten the magic ring when you are done adding the first round of stitches.

a magic ring before closing

After the magic ring has been created, you can begin making the next round, by adding in your desired single-crochet stitches or double-crochet stitches.

Single Crochet Stitches

After the beast magic circle has been made, you can begin working the first single crochet stitch, around the magic ring, as well as over the yarn tail. To do this, simply insert your hook around the magic ring, yarn over, and pull up a loop.

Yarn over once more, to make the first single crochet stitch. Repeat this process as needed, to meet as many single crochet stitches as desired. 

Before you begin the second round, I prefer to join the first stitch to the last stitch made, with a slip stitch. However, if your pattern directs you can work in continuous rounds instead. It’s a good idea to use a stitch marker to help you remember where the beginning of each round ends.

When starting the second round, just like using a turning chain for flat or square projects, you will also want to chain one stitch, for single crocheted projects before you begin the next round.

When you have made all the stitches needed in your magic ring, use the yarn tail to pull the ring tight, so that there is only a very small hole, which is hardly noticeable remaining. This is the beauty of a magic ring.

Double Crochet Stitches

If your pattern instructs you to use double crochet stitches in the magic ring, then you’ll likely want to add one or two more chains before creating the first double crochet stitch. 

To make your double crochet stitches, you’ll first want to yarn over, then insert the hook into the center of the magic ring. Yarn over and pull up the loop, working around both a magic ring, and the yarn tail. 

You now have three loops on your crochet hook. Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your head. Yarn over once more and pull through the remaining two loops on your hook. 

Continue working your double crochet stitches as directed in the magic ring when you have as many double crochet stitches as are directed by your pattern in the magic ring, pull the magic ring tight. Then join your double crochet stitches to the first stitch, with a slip stitch. 

To get to the second round if you are not working in a continuous round, you will want to make two or three chains before double crocheting in the next round. You might also consider using a stitch marker to mark the beginning stitches in each round so that it’s easier for you to see.

The Tail End of the Yarn

As we mentioned above, the yarn is incorporated into the magic ring, by working your stitches around both the magic ring, and the yarn end. After all the stitches are made in the magic rings, you will take the yarn end and pull it tight to cinch the magic ring together and make it tight.

After the magic ring has been tightened, you may want to leave it in the yarn so that it is no longer hanging out of your project. You can also do this when you are finished with the project as well.

Video Tutorial

Because it can be somewhat confusing to learn how to crochet a magic ring, here is a tutorial video that will walk you through the step-by-step process of making a magic ring as the foundation ring for your crochet projects.

a starting magic ring

When you Reach the End of your Project

When you reach the end of your project, the last ditch is made into the last loop. Finish off the project as your pattern instructs. You can then use a yarn needle to weave at the end of your yarn, both the ending and the yarn tail from the magic ring.

Projects that use a Magic Ring (also known as Magic Circle)

Using a magic ring is a great way to start projects such as green squares, or stuffed animals such as an amigurumi project, or even if you are making crochet doilies, this is a great foundation stitch to use. 

Pretty much any type of round project will instruct you to use a magic ring as the base of your crochet project. This is because they will give you a professional appearance and allow you to tighten the beginning stages so that there is not a hole visible.

No matter if your project is working in rounds or as a continuous spiral, you can still use a magic ring as the base of your project. 

Alternative Methods for a Magic Ring

There are a few different ways you can start a round crochet project. The first obvious one is to use a magic ring. This is the recommended way to start a round project so that you do not have a large hole in the middle. 

Another way though, which is also an easy way is to use a chain method. Essentially this is to use the first chain space. It’s important to point out, that this method can work well, but you need to make sure that your chain begins with an adjustable slip knot. 

If the project starts with a slip knot, this can also be adjusted and tightened after your chain stitches are made in that first slip knot stitch. But, if you’re looking for a full proof way to make sure that your crochet project turns out right each time, then you will likely want to use a magic ring or magic circle as the foundation ring for your crochet project.

Magic Ring Tutorial

Now that you know how to go about making an adjustable magic ring, you can start making any kind of round project that you enjoy! Give this magic ring tutorial a few practice tries, then get started making your round projects!

Thank you so much for stopping by to learn how to crochet a magic ring. I hope that this tutorial has been very helpful to you. Now you can use the step-by-step instructions to begin making your own magic ring, then crocheting your beautiful project!

Happy Crocheting!

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easy crochet magic ring tutorial guide for beginners
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