How Long Does A Balloon Garland Last and Easy Tutorial

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How Long Does Balloon Garland Last

Determining how long a balloon garland will last is a vital fact to know when planning a party and decorating with a balloon garland. There are a few key factors that we need to consider in order to determine approximately how long a balloon garland will last. 

multi colored baloon arch

Together we are going to look at answers to your common questions about balloon garlands and explore some tips and tricks and how you can easily make a balloon garland from a kit, or on your own. You don’t want to miss out on these fun tips and tricks, for your next party!

Balloon Arches

Balloon arches and garlands are such a fun way to celebrate a special occasion. No matter, if you are celebrating a baby shower, birthday party, anniversary, or another type of special occasion, decorating your party with a balloon arch, is such a fun addition. Using a balloon arch gives you a focal point, makes a great wall for pictures, and is perfect to use as a theme for your decorations.

Common Questions

How long does a balloon garland last?

First, to determine how long the balloon garland will last will depend on what type of balloons are used in your garland. Typically balloon garlands are made with latex balloons or foil balloons, and are either air-filled balloons or helium-filled balloons. 

You can also have nice, high-quality balloons, or cheaper balloon versions. These factors all play a part in how long the balloon garland will last. 

Latex Balloons (Helium): Will last up to 1 day

Latex Balloons (Hi-Float): Will last approximately 2-3 days

Foil Balloons (Helium): Last between 5-7 days

Air filled Balloons: Will last between 1-2 weeks 

A good rule of thumb is to assume that if your balloons are filled with helium, they will last approximately 5 days, and if they are filled with air, they will last approximately 1 week. 

An air-filled balloon arch is one of the most common types of balloon arches. This is simply because you can easily buy a kit and blow them up at home. They are super easy, and they look beautiful. These types of arches will usually last between one and two weeks, but remember, they will look their best when they are fresh. 

How many days will a balloon garland last?

Air-filled arches will usually last between 7 and 14 days, whereas helium balloon arches last more like 5 to 7 days if you are lucky. It is very important to point out that some types of helium balloons will only last for 12 to 24 hours, depending on specific conditions, and what the balloon is made out of. 

Depending on your climate, you may discover that the balloon garland only lasts for a couple of days, especially if you keep it outside, it’s somewhere humid, or the garland is in direct sunlight. Each of these scenarios will make your balloon arch have a much shorter life span. 

blue and green balloon arch

The WOW Factor

Balloon garlands are so beautiful, and they are a lot of fun to enjoy at a party. I think that they take the party to the next level and provide gorgeous decorations for your event. 

To achieve the wow factor with your balloon garland, it is best to prepare the garland on the day of the event if at all possible. The amount of time you have to prepare will play a large factor in determining if this is even possible or not. 

Since balloon garlands have the best results when they are freshly inflated, assembling them on the day of your event is the best way to have the most amazing results. If you are not able to wait until the day of the event, you might want to try to wait as long as you can before assembling the balloon garland. 

How to make a balloon garland last longer?

The best way to make a balloon garland last longer is to keep it out of direct sunlight for as long as possible. Direct sunlight will greatly decrease the amount of time the air balloon garland will last. 

Another key aspect to making a balloon garland last longer is to keep it in a dry location. If you have to make it ahead of time, you will definitely want to consider storing the balloon garland in a cool dry location so that it lasts a little bit longer.

Balloon Garland Kit

To make a balloon garland, the easiest way is to use a balloon garland kit. This is especially ideal if it’s your first time making a balloon garland. The kit comes with everything you need and is usually reasonably priced. 

It will include your balloons, a balloon strip, which is a plastic strip that you can attach your balloons to make the arch shape. You can then use fish string or attach the ends of your strip as desired to create your shape and hang it for your party.

girl behind balloons

DIY Balloon Garland

You can also make your own balloon garland without a kit if you’re feeling adventurous. Most balloon garlands are made with latex balloons. You can pick up a package of latex balloons from your local grocery store, party store, or even craft store. 

It’s a good idea to select a combination of different sizes for your balloon garland. Usually, the balloon garland is made using large balloons and small balloons, and even some medium size balloons if you’re able to find them. The larger balloons combined with smaller balloons will give you a nice textured appearance and add character to your balloon garland.

When you’re making your own balloon garland it’s also a good idea to have some fishing line on hand, so that you can string it through the garland, and also use it to attach the garland as necessary. 

You can use a hand pump, or small electric pumps to help inflate your balloons with air. Although these will not float by themselves, they will likely last for quite a while and make just as beautiful of a balloon arch.

You can use a fishing line to form the base for your balloon garland, you’re going to need some way to attach the balloons to the fishing line. Some ideas include using glue dots, command strips, or balloon tape. You could also try using rubber bands, or anything else that you have on hand which might help to attach the balloons to your fishing line. 

When your different sizes of balloons are attached to the fishing line, it’s time to hang your homemade balloon garland. If you have a place to attach command strips to command hooks, you can wrap the fishing line around your balloon arch and secure it to the command hooks to hold your balloon garland in place. Otherwise, you can attach the balloon garland to your fishing line, and secure the fishing line however you are able to hold the balloon arch in place.

The Theme of the Party

A balloon arch is often the center point of your party decorations. This means you want to keep the theme of the party in mind for your balloon arch. The color scheme can match the rest of your party decorations. 

Although the entire party theme does not have to center around the balloon arch, and often you want to be sure that your balloons are color coordinating. You can go with a simple theme of party decorations, adding air balloon garland, but having fresh flowers around for a beautiful, yet minimalistic touch. 

Some other ideas for your balloons are to go with a gold balloons theme, make a rainbow garland, or use a combination of regular and confetti balloons for an additional fun flare. 

tan balloon arch

Step-by-Step Instructions

In this balloon garland tutorial, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to create clusters of balloons, and then assemble the clusters into your balloon garland. The great thing about this tutorial is that you can make any shape you want, it doesn’t have to be a standard balloon arch.

Start off by inflating your medium to large-sized balloon. When we inflate these balloons, it is usually best to work in groups of two, then twist them together to form clusters of four similar-sized balloons. 

Inflate the first balloon, then pinch it at the bottom, while you inflate the second balloon. After the second balloon is inflated, tie the two balloons together. Repeat this step once more, so that you have two groups of two. 

Twist the two groups a few times, so that you have a cluster of four balloons together for your medium to larger-sized balloons. 

You can also repeat these steps to make four balloon clusters of small-sized balloons. 

When you have all of your clusters inflated, and twisted together, it’s time to start assembling your garland. 

You can use fish string, but another great option is to use two long balloons tied together. These are qualatex 260 balloons, or the types that are used for twisting into animal shapes. 

When your long skinny balloon is tied together, take one end and tie it around the center of your first large cluster. 

Take the next cluster of large balloons and wrap the long balloon around the cluster in a figure-eight shape to secure it around the balloon cluster. Repeat this process to tie and assemble all of your large to medium-sized balloon clusters. 

After they are assembled, you can secure them to your desired location at your party. After it is secured, take the smaller clusters, and slip a rubber band over one of the small balloons. Then secure the rubber band around one of the larger balloons on your garland, where you want to nestle in the small cluster. Repeat this process until your small clusters are attached to your balloon garland. 

If you have any extra-large balloons you want to secure to your garland, you can tie them to a 260 balloon, then wrap the 260 balloons around the cluster where you want to attach the extra-large balloon. 

Make sure to double-check your balloon garland so that there are no empty spaces or holes visible in your garland. 

Once all of the balloons are added, you are good to enjoy the party and your beautiful DIY balloon garland. 

balloon clusters at a party

Other Balloon Decorations

In addition to making an entire balloon garland, you might also enjoy making your balloons into a balloon column or securing small clusters of balloons around the party location as additional decorations! 

Stunning Balloon Garland

Making a custom balloon garland can be done by assembling your own balloon garland or using a balloon garland kit. If this is your first balloon arch, then I would recommend using a balloon garland kit, just a simple way to get you started. Knowing how long a balloon garland lasts an important item is in planning your party so that your balloon garland still looks fantastic when the time of your party rolls around. Now that you know all of these tips and tricks, I hope that your next event is fantastic!

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