Adorable Crochet Pumpkin Pattern In Different Sizes

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Free Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Following this free pumpkin crochet pattern will help you make some of the cutest autumn pumpkin decorations you’ve ever seen! This free crochet pattern will help you make mini pumpkins in three different sizes. 

stacked fall pumpkins

Making this crochet project is a lot of fun, and these cute little pumpkins are the perfect home decor addition to help make your home a little more festive this fall. One of the great things about this crochet project is that they’re so easy to make, you can enjoy decorating with them from the time you feel fall in the air until it’s time to change them out for your Christmas decorations. 

Pumpkin Sizes

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can make three different sizes of crochet pumpkins for your fall decorations. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to modify the pattern to make any size pumpkin that you wish! 

The larger pumpkins, medium-sized, and smaller pumpkins all stack together nicely, but look wonderful on their own as well! 

These adorable pumpkins are so soft and cute, they are the perfect seasonal decorations that you can easily make for yourself, or as gifts for fellow autumn lovers. I have created this free pumpkin pattern so that it is easy to crochet, even for a beginner, and you can feel free to adjust it any way you prefer. 

Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Please note that this pattern is written in US Terms

Materials Needed:

3 skeins of velvet yarn in three different colors

5.0 mm crochet hook or H hook size

A yarn needle

3 centers, you can use a cinnamon stick, cut stick, or bent brown pipe cleaner

Fiber fill stuffing


ch – chain

st / sts – stitch / stitches 

hdc – half double crochet 

baby crochet pumpkin on top

How to Crochet the Pumpkins

Row 1: Create the starting chain, select your desired size, and make the ch sts directed below.

Small Pumpkins: ch 12 sts

Medium Pumpkins: ch 18 sts

Large Pumpkins: ch 30 sts

Row 2: After the beginning chain is made, in the 2nd ch from the hook, make a hdc st. hdc in each remaining ch space across. Ch 1 and turn. 

Row 3: Insert hook in the 3rd loop of each hdc st made in the previous row, and make a hdc in each st across. 

Repeat row 3 until you have your desired rectangle size for each pumpkin. Below are the recommended measurements by size for the pumpkins. 

Small Pumpkins: 8 inches

Medium Pumpkins: 10 inches

Large Pumpkins: 12 inches

Finishing Off: When your crochet rectangle has reached your desired size, finish off and leave a long yarn tail for sewing. 

Tip: It’s going to work best if you are able to leave an extra long tail of yarn to finish off the pumpkin. 

crochet pumpkins before finishing

Making the Pumpkin Shape

You might be thinking, alright, I have three rectangles, now how in the world am I going to turn them into pumpkins?! Here’s how. 

First thread the long yarn end through your yarn needle. Now fold the rectangle so that the two short ends come together, and the rectangle forms a circle.  

Whip Stitch Short Ends Together

With the two short sides together, take the yarn needle and whip stitch through both short ends, to hold them together. 

Closing the Long Yarn Ends 

Now it’s time to close the open edge, on the top of the pumpkin, and the bottom of the pumpkin. To do this, you are simply going to run your needle through the top and bottom of the long edge, in an alternating fashion. 

These stitches don’t need to be super exact. When you have gone around the entire edge, you can pull the string to sinch the bottom tight. Tie a knot and weave in the ends. 

It’s going to be a similar process you can follow to close the top of the pumpkin. 

Closing the top of the Pumpkin

Fill the pumpkin as desired with stuffing or fiber fill. 

Take a long piece of yarn, threaded through a yarn needle, and weave it in and out through the remaining edge of the pumpkin. 

After the yarn is weaved through the remaining side, pull it tight, so that there is just a small opening left. 

crochet pumpkins baby on top

Adding the Pumpkin Stem

There are several different options for the pumpkin stem. You could crochet a stick shape to insert into the center, use a stick, bend a brown pipe cleaner, or use a cinnamon stick. 

For any type of pumpkin stem except for a crochet one, you will want to insert it into the center of the pumpkin while there is still a small opening left so that you can pull the yarn tight around it. 

You might also consider adding a little bit of hot glue to the bottom of the pumpkin stem before sliding it into the small opening to hold it securely. 

Then tighten the yarn and tie it tight around the stem. 

To cinch the bottom of the pumpkin to the top of the pumpkin, insert the yarn needle from the top, down through the center of the pumpkin, to catch the bottom. Then pull the needle back up through the top and pull the yarn tight. Doing this will help to flatten the pumpkin out and give it a better shape. 

Tie the yarn off and weave in the ends to finish off the pumpkin. Your cute crochet pumpkin is now ready to use as a decoration! 

Basic Crochet Stitches

The basic crochet stitch used to make this pumpkin in the pattern outlined above is the half-double crochet. However, even though this is my favorite stitch to use, you could also choose to use a single crochet stitch, which is a little shorter than the half double, or the double crochet stitch, which is a little taller. 

If you choose to use either of these stitches, you will want to work in the back loop only to help give your little pumpkins a ridge, which is what gives them so much character. 

Here is a quick overview of how to make each one of these stitches. 

Half Double Crochet. To make a half-double crochet, you will first want to yarn over, then insert your hook into the stitch indicated. Yarn over and pull up a loop so that there are three loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all three loops on your hook. You have now finished a half-double crochet stitch. 

Single Crochet. To make a single crochet stitch, you will first insert the hook into the stitch indicated, then yarn over and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through the two loops on the hook to make a single crochet stitch. 

Double Crochet. To make a double crochet stitch, first yarn over. Then insert the hook into the next stitch indicated. Yarn over and pull up a loop. There are now three loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on the hook. Then yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops on the hook. This makes a double crochet stitch. 

crochet ribbed pumpkin

Tips and Tricks for Free Pumpkin Crochet Patterns

Type of Yarn

There are a lot of different types of yarn weight to choose from when picking out yarn to make this pattern. This specific pattern is actually a great crochet project to use any leftover yarn you might have lying around to make a small pumpkin crochet pattern. 

In this pattern and pictures, you will notice that I chose to use velvet yarn to make these crochet pumpkins. Although this is a fun way to make the pumpkins and they turn out so soft, using bulky yarn like this isn’t for everyone. 

For some people, it’s really difficult to work with velvet yarn or bulky weight yarn because it can be difficult to see your stitches, and sometimes the quality of the yarn can be frustrating. You can absolutely use a medium worsted weight yarn if you prefer. This is going to be one of the easiest yarns to work with, as well as one of the easiest to see your stitches in. 

Crochet Hook Size

The crochet hook size you use will depend on your specific stitches if you tend to crochet loose or tight. It will also depend on the type of yarn you use for this project. 

When creating the pattern, I used a size H crochet hook or a 5.00 mm hook. This worked well to create loose stitches in velvet yarn. However, if you are using a bigger yarn, you will want a larger hook. 

A good rule of thumb is to check the skein of the yarn package to determine what size of the crochet hook is suggested for your specific yarn. Then increase or decrease the hook size based on your preference. 

Cute Little Pumpkins

If you like this pattern for these cute little pumpkins but would like a printer-friendly version, I have created one that you can enjoy as a PDF pattern. To get this easy crochet pumpkin pattern, please visit my Etsy store

Please keep in mind that these cute crochet pumpkin patterns are created for your personal use only. This pattern should not be used for commercial distribution under any circumstances. But feel free to make these cute crochet pumpkins themselves to sell at your local craft show! 

Is this a good free crochet pumpkin pattern for beginners?

Yes! This free pumpkin crochet pattern is a great project for beginner crocheters to make. It is easy because the pumpkins are created first by crocheting a rectangle shape with your favorite yarn. Then you can shape these easily into pumpkins and add any special finishing touches that you wish. 

Easy Crochet Pumpkins

The best part about these cute pumpkins is that you can create them to be any size that you wish, in any type of yarn you prefer, and they are an adorable accent to your dining room table decorations during the fall season. It is my hope that you will enjoy these patterns for amigurumi pumpkins to decorate your home for autumn.

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