Easy Men’s Crochet Beanie Free Pattern for Beginners

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Easy Mens Beanie Crochet Pattern

I am so excited to share this easy mens beanie crochet pattern with you for free. This free crochet pattern will walk you through the step-by-step instructions to make a crocheted beanie, that is perfect for the man in your life.

mens crochet hat

This easy crocheted hat pattern makes for perfect gifts, no matter if you are looking for a birthday, Christmas, or any time gift for the boys or men in your life. This crocheted winter hat pattern is even a good fit as a unisex crochet hat pattern. As long as you make it in that gender-neutral color, you can make this easy pattern ahead of time, then give it as the perfect gift for any occasion.

This free men’s crochet hat pattern is a perfect project if you’re new to crocheting, or even if you have been crocheting for many years. It is an easy pattern they were hoping to make a classic beanie. If this is your first crochet pattern, I will walk you through the step-by-step instructions on how to make this simple hat, helping you along the way. 

Not only is this a simple hat to make, but it has a great texture, makes for great gifts, and is not too girly so you can enjoy giving it as a men’s beanie.

I really like this pattern because it is easy to make, and you can easily adjust the size simply by making the band larger or smaller depending on the head circumference you are trying to make it fit.

Crocheting is my passion, and I am so excited to share my love of crocheting with you. I hope that you will enjoy this easy men’s beaming crochet pattern!

Easy Crochet Beanie Pattern: Tips and Tricks

Before we jump into the details of this men’s crochet hat pattern, let’s first look at some tips and tricks that will help you along the way. Beginning with the magic circle, type of yarn, size of crochet hook, and the simple stitches used in this pattern. Then we will jump into the details of the pattern. You don’t want to miss out! 

The Magic Circle

The magic circle is more of an intermediate-level item. It is essentially in an adjustable-size circle, that holds all of your stitches tight. For this pattern, we’re not going to jump into anything quite so difficult. You would think we might have to because it is after all a hat pattern, but we are going to start with the band of a hat and work our way up, gathering the hat as we go. This way we don’t have to worry about starting with a magic ring.

A Very Guy-Friendly Yarn

There are a lot of different types of yarn to choose from when you go to the craft store and pick out your yard for this project. What type of yarn should you buy, and what will work best? First, it’s important to point out that you choose a very guy-friendly type of yarn. Make sure that it doesn’t look girly and will be enjoyed by the man you intend to give it to.

Second, consider the weight of the yarn. You can find yarn from bulky weight yarn to light worsted weight yarn. Usually, for making a crocheted hat, you’re going to want a medium worsted weight yarn, not something that’s light, or too bulky yarn. 

You can also consider the color of the yarn. There are many different colors of yarn to choose from. Lion Brand has many good options, as well as Red Heart, or other store brands. Make sure to choose the favorite colors, of the person you are making the hat for.

Finally, if you are a beginner at crocheting, then I would recommend choosing a nice yarn, that is soft but not super bulky, or even super velvety. This way you can easily see your stitches as you go.

crochet men's beanie hat

Crochet Hook

There are lots of different types of crochet hooks and hook sizes. The size of the crochet hook you choose will largely depend on what specific yarn you select. A good rule of thumb is to reference the yarn packaging, then determine what size is recommended for that specific yarn. If your yarn package doesn’t specify, then I would suggest trying a hook size I, H, or J depending on how tight you tend to crochet.

Simple Stitches

There are only a few basic stitches used to make this crocheted beanie pattern. The main stitches you will need to know in order to make this pattern are how to chain, a single crochet, and a double crochet stitch. You will also want to know how to make a slip stitch.

Chain Crochet Stitch. A chain is made first by creating a slipknot, then wrapping the yarn from the back of the hook around to the front of the hook, then pulling in the new loop through the old loop. Each stitch is one chain stitch. 

Single Crochet Stitches. Single crocheted stitches are made, first by inserting the hook into the next stitch indicated, yarn over, by wrapping the yarn from the back of the hook over the top, then pulling the new loop, through the space where the hook is inserted. You now have two loops on the hook. Yarn over once more and pull the new loop through the two previous loops on the hook. This makes a single crochet stitch.

Double Crochet Stitches. A double crochet stitch is made, first by yarning over, then insert your hook into the next stitch indicated, yarn over once more, and pull it through the inserted stitch. There are now three loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on the hook, yarn over once more and pull through the remaining two loops on the hook. This makes one double crochet stitch.

Please note that when you are creating these single and double crochet stitches throughout this pattern, you can work in the back loop or through both loops of the previous round. By working in the back loop only, you will create more of a textured finished product, than if you work through both loops. It’s entirely up to your preference, as to whether you want to go through both or just the back loop. 

Slip Stitch. A slip stitch is made by inserting the hook into the indicated stitch, yarning over, and pulling it through all of the stitches on the hook. Typically, this type of stitch is made as a way of joining stitches together.

Work in Continuous Rounds. This specific pattern can be worked in continuous rounds. This means that there is no need to define where the previous round ended, and the new round starts once you get the hat going. You can simply continue stitching around the hat until it is your desired size.

Now that you know an overview of the simple stitches that are used in this men’s beanie crochet pattern, let’s jump into the pattern details!

men's crochet beanie for winter

Mens Beanie Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Beginner

Please note that this crochet pattern is written in US terms

Recommended Hook Size: H or 5 mm hook


2 skeins of Yarn

Stitch Marker (optional)

Tape Measure

Yarn Needle


Estimated Finished Size

The finished products of this free pattern are estimated to fit an adult-size head. It can be made in a variety of sizes, but usually adapting the size of the band, which is the base of this pattern, to fit the specific size of the man it is being made for. To make sure it fits, simply measure around the man’s head, where the hat should rest, then make the band to size. 


sl st – slip stitch

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

st / sts – stitch / stitches 

Easy Crochet Pattern

The Band of the Hat

Start by making the brim of a hat. Ch 11 sts, turn, then skip the first ch space. In the next sts, make 10 sc sts. Ch 1, turn. 

Make 10 sc sts across, then ch 1, and turn. 

Repeat this process until the band measures your desired circumference of the head, or until it is approximately 22 inches long. Then join the band by slip-stitching it together. Ch 1, do not finish off. 

The Rest of the Hat

Now working on the side of the hat, make a sc in the first st, and each st of the band around. 

Make sure that the single crochet stitches lay flat, and do not start to pucker or ruffle. This is your base round. 

When you reach the end of the first round, join to the first sc with a sl st, ch 1. 

Now you will start the continuous rounds with the following instructions. 

Sc in the first st, in the same space, make a dc, skip the next st. Then make a sc and dc in the next st, skip the next st. Repeat these instructions until you come to the last st in this round. 

Make an (sc, dc) in the first sc from the previous round. Skip the next dc st, and in the next sc, make (sc, dc). Repeat these steps until the last st, when the hat is your desired size. 

To finish, leave a long tail for sewing, then pull the yarn through the loop on your hook to secure it. Thread the long tail through a yarn needle, then flip the hat inside out. Gather the hat together and sew the top opening shut. 

If desired, you can add a pom pom on top. 

mens crochet beanie black and white

Pom Pom

You might choose to make your own pom pom and attach a purchased one to the top of the hat. 

If you would like to make your own pom pom, choose an object, like a serving fork, and wrap the yarn around and around it, then tie the yarn around the center, tying it tight. Leave a yarn tail for sewing. 

Cut the sides of the pom pom, then fluff it out. Sew it to the top of the hat, with the yarn tail, making sure that it is secured. 

The easy men’s beanie crochet pattern is now complete. You may choose to add any additional notions to the hat, such as buttons if desired. Then your gift is ready to go! 

Easy Mens Crochet Hat Pattern

This crochet pattern helps you to make a simple, yet perfect men’s hat for cold weather. The great thing about making this easy project is that you can easily adjust the pattern to fit the different sizes that you need. This men’s hat pattern is a great pattern no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced crocheter who is looking to make a winter hat for the special man in your life. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my easy crochet hat pattern. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this men’s beanie crochet pattern.

Happy Crocheting!

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